@yolandawlms: My best friend, my ride or die, the mother of my children, my Wife. I thank God every day for this woman! #WCW

Shout out to my brother @ashimselph for blessing little Ma$e with his first Brooks Brothers shirt!!! #GodFather

My wife and our God son! All smiles!

Shout out to my homie @uniformjournal!!! I see you bro!

Thank you to my friends over at @sizeofficial and @tsptr for the care package. @pruffs thanks for always looking our bro!!!

New Balance 576.

Converse 1970. #wearsnaekers

Picked up this dope flight jacket from @kingsrowe for little Rick! Shout to my Ohio fam for the amazing hospitality last week!

Thank you to the good people over at @Hypebeast for posting about my latest project with Bicycle and @newbalance. #distinctlife #thetalentedtenth #hypebeast

Shout out to @hypebeast for showing love to our new project with @newbalance via IG and their website!!! #talentedtenth #diatinctlife #hypebeast